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[140719 FANACC] TLP Shanghai: Chanyeol walked over to Baekhyun’s side from across. He told him some things and pointed at things (Baekhyun’s lightboards) to show him!

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hOLY BALL FUCKS     -    for the fabulous jane

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at one point in the showcase, chanyeol volunteered to sing a section of a song and just before starting he hesitated, and baekhyun quickly sang a few words of the song to pitch it for him and then chanyeol proceeded to sing. if you dont think thats the sweetest thing ever then i don’t know what to tell you.

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kyungsoo pulling baekhyun’s ears 

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kris throwing baekhyun…

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56/∞: Happy happy happy birthday to our lovely Xiumin!! Today is your day! You always tell your fans that health is the most important, but I wish for you to have the greatest health ever. I wish for your happiness to increase in this upcoming year. I wish for you to have the best luck on whatever you do. I wish for you to be safe wherever you go. There are many wishes I have for you on this day, but lastly I wish all your wishes will come true! You truly are a wonderful, talented, lovable, inspirational man and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you and happy birthday, my love!!! ♥

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